A Faith Foundation for Early Childhood

The main areas of teaching are:

1. God is Our Father.  God is portrayed as a loving Father who knows them and wants the very best for them.

2. Jesus is God with us. Jesus is introduced as a friend who understands them and loves them.

4. The Bible is God's word. The Bible contains many truths to help them in their lives so we include carefully selected Bible stories as part of our literary base.

5. God is our Creator. Children are introduced to their world through science and social studies lessons and activities that are placed on the shelves. The children  freely choose to explore all aspects of a wonderfully created world.

We teach twelve important character traits,called Virtues, such as contentment, kindness, perseverance, etc.  These traits reinforce how we want the children to treat each other as they interact socially.  We actively teach peaceful problem-solving skills as they play together.  In this way, our school creates a safe environment for children to learn to be a loving, caring community.

Our school has mixed age care groups that replicate a family structure.  Older children are role models and younger children gain hope for the challenges that lie ahead. Children  help each other as they work in the classroom together, learning in a respectful, caring environment made just for them.

Our Biblical curriculum does not follow the tenets of any one particular Christian denomination and even though we teach the Bible, we welcome families of all faiths. Our goal is to nurture the spiritual side of a child's life as well as the social, emotional and cognitive.

"It is better to build strong children than repair broken men."

Frederick Douglass

“If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men."

Maria Montessori

A Solid Foundation for school and life.

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