"It is better to build strong children than repair broken men."

Frederick Douglass

“If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men."

Maria Montessori

A Solid Foundation for school and life.

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We follow a roughly-laid out outline for our learning through the year.  We strive to follow the children's

interests as they unfold through the seasons:

Fall Term: September 3rd – November 20th2019

We start off the year gently with a 2-3 week orientation to our school. During this time the children are introduced to all our routines, the work cycle and to give them a chance to settle in. We spend extra time outside until the weather changes.

We’ll talk about ourselves, our school, our community and try to inspire learning:

Human body, diversity, body parts of humans inside and out, our uniqueness

Our families, our parents, our extended family

Our community, community helpers

Good health and Nutrition

The talk about good health and nutrition will hopefully inspire talk about the season:

As the weather changes, we’ll inspire learning around the harvest season:

Signs of fall

The harvest season: fruit and vegetables, clothing, harvest activities


We’ll finish the term with a family feast that is a celebration of the season and our families.

Thanksgiving Break -November 28-29

Christmas Term: November 26th – December 20th 2019

We explore Christmas as a worldwide event in this short Christmas term. We’ll take the opportunity to introduce the children to our world.

We’ll inspire the children to explore Montessori Geography through engaging lessons on

The seven continents

Cultures of these continents

Some countries found on the continents

We’ll explore Christmas traditions at home and around the world with books and games

There is usually lots of opportunities for art, music and fun surrounding this season including a large family event that usually takes the shape of a performance of music and/or drama.

Christmas/winter break December 21st -January 6th 2020

Winter Term: January 7th – March 20th 2020

After a break the children arrive back at school ready for more learning. We kick off the term with STEM themes that tend to really inspire and excite young children.

We start with sky science:



Science with water, electricity, air, light (rainbows) and magnetism

We’ll slowly lead the children into more learning with some earth Science:

The early earth


Rocks and minerals

Land forms



Spring Break: March 23rd – March 26th 2020

Spring Term: March 31st -May 29th2020

As Winter gives way to spring, we’ll follow the season and hopefully inspire more learning opportunities with life science:









Ocean life

We choose a life science project for the children to experience the joy of new life as it is budding all around them: We hatch butterflies, or chicks, or grow tadpoles. Every year is different.

During this season we have Easter with all of its new-life fun. There are lots of opportunities for art, music and fun in this season. We celebrate Easter with a picnic and egg hunt.

We also take time to honor our moms and grandmas with a very special tea party in their honor.

We wind the year down softly with more learning taken outside. We have daily activities in sand, water and art and find ways to further explore and create.

We honor our dads and grandpas with a special field day of fun and games and “donuts” for snack.

We finish the year with a huge extravaganza “End of Year Celebration” that is a gathering of our whole extended community as we honor and say goodbye to those families leaving us.

Summer Break: July 1st – August 29th2020.

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